Sweet Candy Princess


For all the ones who adore princesses we bring you the candy princess! She lives in this colorful and magic candy world where everything around you is made of sweets and looks just amazing! Play this fun princess dress up game and choose a colorful outfit to wear today. This fun girl game will make you spend a magic day in candy world!

-hair accessories
-princess hairstyles
-earrings and necklaces
-beautiful princess outfits
-princess accessories and princess shoes
-lots and lots of candies

-use the random button or shake your device for different combinations
– you can move your model left and right
– at the end use the save button to save your design on the SD card
– share your designs with your friends by email or on Facebook!
– the app is SAFE and FUN to use!

You can download the game from here – Sweet Candy Princess



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