Princess Hair Salon



According to an old belief the Goddess of the Sea took part on the creation of the world, and so the life began in the water. She is the patron deity of the fishermen and the survivors of shipwrecks, the feminine principle of creation and the spirit of moonlight. She is also known for her beauty and she was often seen appearing from the ocean’s foam. Now you have the chance to do her hair and dress her up. Choose a beautiful and feminine goddess dress for her and a matching hairstyle. At the end don’t forget to accessorize her and make her shine in the moon light.

***** FEATURES *****
SALON: give her a special hair treatment with a moisturising shampoo, conditioner and hair masks; and make her hair shine against the moon light
HAIR CUT: use the scissors and curlers to make the hairstyle of your choice
DRESS UP: amazing dresses and accessories are waiting for you to make the beautiful sea goddess look amazing