Pet Rainbow

Oh no! Ninjas want to kidnap the furry little pets all for themselves. The little girl loves them so much so help her rescue the fluffy little animals from the troublemaker ninjas. They are skillful thieves so be aware! There’s no place for them in candy world!
Try to save the little guys before the evil thief gets his hands on them. Each animal you gather will follow you to safety, creating an awesome rainbow of cute little animals.

Play the game, go through many levels on 3 different worlds, each more difficult than the last, and try to get the animals out of harms way. Make the rainbow as big as you can and ruin the evil ninjas’ plans.

3 different cute and unique animals: kitty, puppy and bunny
3 unique and colorful maps in candy world
progressive difficulty to test your skills
all the colors of the rainbow to make your animals happy
fun and intuitive gameplay for everyone, from kids to grown-ups