Parking Perfection

Test your skill and patience while you try to park your car. Each map has a unique characteristic, making parking not only more challenging but different each time. Each new level is bound to test your skills whether it’s the crowded daytime parking, to the limited visibility time of night or the restrictions of a chaotic parking lot, you will be challenged during each level. Acquire new cars to fit your play style. Each car is unique in terms of handling and behavior. Each of the 6 vehicles behavior is physics dependent, making each of them handle realistically. Find the car that fits you best to complete each level flawlessly and as fast as possible to earn the highest rating.

– 60 unique levels over 3 different maps, each with it’s unique style and challenges
– 6 unique cars to match your play style and needs in order to get the highest rating
– two different driving methods to suit your preferences
– three 3D environments designed with attention to detail in order to make each of them unique
– realistically controlled vehicles